Tuesday, January 19, 2010

~My House New Member~

Is time to introduce our house new member =)
It is a female...girl girl...
Her name is Brownie, because regard to cookie's name, its can be eaten...
So we just name it as Brownie~
We adopt it from SPCA in Ampang. There are many many other dogs waiting people to adopt, so who wants to rear dog, please please please go for adopt...don't buy! Is sad to see those dog that have no family and being treat like an orphan..isn't sad?
This is the lucky one that chosen by us to bring back sweet sweet home...=) It was only 2 weeks when we bring it back.
Extremely fat dog...it must be overweight! I saw it in SPCA...

There is a baby bird in the box beside Curly. It was our new member too...but it dead...with no reason...XD We picked in under a tree outside of my house (Tempua). We believed that it fell from the tree without noticing by its mummy. So we tried to rear it, and feed it.

We placed it on Curly's head...haha...can you see how small is it??

Small small small bird....soooo CUTE!!!

ermmmm...There is another new member coming to us...its a dog from SPCA also...mummy said its going to be doggie's girlfriend...^^ can't wait to bring it back! haha...

Part time job of mine~

I am working as a face painter since form 4,
Thats my part time job and I will go for it if any event planner calls me!
I love this job alot! Guess what?
I could meet many different kind of children in every event!
Pretty girl, handsome boy, chubby one, skinny one, noughty children, cherished children, polites one and so so so....
But most of them are being cherished by their parents. They could even talk like a boss to their parents! shout at their parents! sigh...I really feel like slapping them. If I were their parent, I will do so...>.o
For those clever one no need to say la, for sure I will draw what they asked for. =)
This is inai which drawn by an Indian girl...
Somebody said it is a ghost hand! arghh...then why still you hold this hand? =P

This is my spider...haha!nice? =)

And this, I drew it for a cute baby...

Tattoo...which I worked in Klang...I just sit there, and help people to put this tattoo for 1 hour!!!!

Haha...Sha po Sook Foong..She worked in Lagoon together with me...These are the balloon which Ravin (the clown) do for us...=)

Our pass that lets us enter to lagoon...And we can play there for free! only water park la...XD

Kaka! Butterfly hand is trying to punch her!

WohoOoo...Yeng or not leh? haha...The people who drew it is a customer actually...=.=
There are few more pictures that I worked in Nikko hotel together with my darling, Joey, Sook Foong and some of my college friends....That was a Birthday party actually, and the theme was Casino...We just act as banker there...XD I will post it out once I get those pic...=P


Hmmm...Im quite free in this two weeks here...
So i just transfer all the photos to comp from my phone =)
I have posted this in the previous post, just show it again together with the inner part of it...^^

qiang qiang qiang qiang~~~~!!! Nice lehhh~ My DIY Christmas card~

Owhh~ These flower...cut until my eyes go crazy! Arghhhhh but I like it~ hehe

And this is the Pajero I met in IOI mall Carpark...
Its FULL OF DOLLS!!!! Lets see~!

Even the side window also have!

This is the back part...lagi geng...haha!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Time to write my blog since I got nothing to do...
Somebody ask me to delete my blog worrrrr....Cheahhhhhhhh...
So ba bai laaa....
I write more and more and more then...let you see until vomit arrr...O.o
Back to topic~!
Its about my second gathering with 3 of my friends~
Three of them are studying in a same College which is Sunway, Im the special one...=.= from Berjaya...haha....Not only that, the course I chose also a big different with them...and the class when form 1 to 5 also tak sama...But we just keeping in touch with no reason...haha! The first gathering was in my first sem break, now, Im having 2nd sem break and it's the 2nd gathering for us...^^ It means that they only have chance to see me in each of my semester break...whats a loooooooong period to wait! ~.~ maybe a few months?
At night,
After dinner, Sze Ming would be the one who fetches us to Yum Cha at Paparich...
Last gathering was Hwei Yi, maybe next is my turn~ =)
By the way,
We would take some stupid pictures in each of our gethering as memories...We used to be like that....>.<
Finished chatting, joking, crazying, laughing, we went to the center of IOI Boulevard to complete our mission for that "gathering night" XD
And here it goes~
I ran from very far away to set the camera, but still, we could look relax in this pic...Wuhuhuhuhu...

Hey hey~! Darling! this is my kai kar lou! Kakaka...

Hmmm...Dont know what is this =P

OowhhHh...Bei Ying...One of the topic in our primary school text book...A mighty story...haha!



Xiao Mei Mei said its gun, but Hwei Yi said its Seven...@.@ so what should it be??
By the way, I love the floor paint very much! It's done by LimKokWing Uni

Err....This would be.....Free style! I guess...haha...Just simply post la...=.= but it's nice~

OhHhhH!! This was my idea...XD Kakakakaka! S.T.U.P.I.D Dumbass, It's for you!! Blek~ I will wait for your msg to scold me...=X

Ahha~~ Ini Cantik...But Why Xiao Mei Mei get out from her own circle...hmmm

Wulalala~ This is the first picture we took there...We were trying the balancing of the camera actually ^^ It's nice tooOoooOoo~

It was a happy day...
The 3rd gathering will be in my 3rd semester break le...Don't miss me~
3 people miss me will make me sneeze until die...haha!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year

Happy New Year everybody!

It was so fortunate that I able to pass New Year with my darling...
But it was very unfortunate too...
I have had an accident on the road which opposite of my house!
It was 7 something and raining, my mum asked me to fetch her to Serdang and have our dinner there.
On the way going to Serdang, the car in front of me was a Nissan Fairlady...so ngam the car plate number is 7, and I told my mum that's my birthday; my sis was saying that we want to drive it in the future...LOL...we just talked until too happy already...=.=
Then my mum warned me to slow down, dont kiss the Fairlady...so i just slowed down but still stick quite near to the car in front of me....while going down from the slope, the car in front of Fairlady stopped in a sudden, then the Fairlady able to break, then I was not sure that whether I was break in time or not...only can felt the car was slipping towards the car in front of me...LOL...just finish talking here, and bang it in the next second...

*PANG* *PANG* *PANG*!!! These were what I heard in that moment...then look at back mirror, I saw a motor-cyclist slipped to middle of the road with his white helmet...I was just...OMG.........................By the time, my mummy already went down from car and talked to the Fairlady driver, two Chinese young man...Then I also went down and have a look...thank god that i just kena the car plate and abit of the bumper...so we just paid them, settle by ourselves...
After that, looked at behind...alamak...still got 2 cars and one motor...the car behind me was Wira, behind Wira was Kenari...and motor is the last one...It was really really really lucky that the motor-cyclist was safe...he only got small injured with his leg...Phew...But the Wira behind me was very worst...inside the car were sitting an old lady, children and his wife...these were too serious and we couldn't settle it by ourselves...so we just drove to police station to do report...
This was the first first time I stepped into police station...There is nothing scary than this! wait for very long for the report, take picture for my car, and so on...
Until 9 something only we could left the police station and had our dinner with Joanne and my 3rd sis...
"Wah, geng lo you....nobody dare to bang Fairlady, and you were the first person who bang it in our family!!! claps" =.=''' Then I started my story and discuss with them about the incident...
Guess what??
I couldn't get to sleep in the whole night...so I went down played with our new member, Brownie...a little puppy which adopt from SPCA...
When succeed to got into sleep, my sister woke me up! She asked me to watch Avatar with them because they have extra ticket...okie...fine...just go with them...at Time Square so far some more...huh...I almost fell asleep in the cinema...But the movie tooooooo nice already...haha...


And here are some of my Christmas presents which I received and gave...
There are somore, but I haven't transfer those photo into comp~ Just wait~ ^^

This is the Christmas card I do for my darling to spend my time when he was in London ^^

My sleeping socks~ sister got this for me from TopShop...The design will change every year I guess...

Twilight Turtle~ It will glows in the dark~

~See you guys in the next blog~

Monday, December 28, 2009

Broga Hill

Broga hill placed in Semenyih Kajang.
I didn't realize that is a place for hiking. =.=
I was waken up by Mr.Yap's phone at 4 morning.
And we arrived semenyih at 530.
There are many people started to hike to the peak and so did I.
The sky was lighten up by million of stars in the sky...
We saw many shooting stars when we reached the first peak...
It recalled me back to the moment in Cameron Highland...=)
We tried to reach the following peak before sun rises,
and we did it!
After that, we found a place, have a sit, and wait for the sunrise~
Here are some of the photos to share with you that we took at the peak
Drinking Nescafe at the peak with marvellous view was such an enjoyable moment!
Taking picture without caring your own image is the demand of a photographer...is to show how professional you are!

Phang Kor and Jie

The line will always follows you no matter where you go...tmnet is the best choice

Who says no SRL no Broga Hill??


New album~ you may find it in any CD shop

This is just one of the peak!

Finish taking picture,
We got back to the starting point with our tiring leg...
The next thing we did was,